See The City; Toronto City Tours

See the City by Boat

There are a number of operators who offer boat tours. Mariposa is one of the largest in Canada, with a variety of boats, tours and times. There are also sail boat tours that are at a more relaxed pace as well. Do it during the day or over dinner, either way, boating is a great way to see and experience the city.

See the City By Bike

What better way to see and experience the city than by bike? Biking combines exercise with sightseeing, and allows you to immerse yourself in the ongoings in the city. Biking also allows you access to sights you wouldn’t see on other methods of transportation.

There are knowledgeable guides who can lead you, or you can rent a bike and grab a map and navigate the city independently.

See the City By Bus

There are two main hop on/hop off bus operators in the city. These include City Sightseeing Toronto, which provides you a ticket you can use for 7 days and 24 stops; and Gray Line, which offer tours beyond the city limits, including trips to Ottawa and the Niagra region.

See the City On Foot

Guided walking tours or independent walks around the city are a great way to stumble across the hidden gems, as well as the bigger points of interest. There are a number of organizations offering organized walking tours, most with knowledgeable historians as the guides. The beauty of these tours is that you are able to do them at your own pace, and finish when you choose.

See the City by Air

Try a heli tour for a literal birds eye view of the city. These tours offer a unique perspective of the city, and are great for those with a sense of adventure!